Lovin' it Nappy: My Sisterlocks Journey

My journey of going from relaxer, to natural to Sisterlocks. Come along with me and learn how to love that which God gave you naturally!!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

I am Not My Hair...or am I?

Talkin' about a good time with my sisters!!! We had our "I am not my hair party II" this past Saturday night. There were about 12 women in attendance and a good time was had by all!! Our youngest attendee was the daughter of one of the ladies. Little Miss N is only 5 years old. We had a nice group of ladies with various styles of natural hair. One sister isn't natural but is always seeking a healthier way to care for her hair. One attendee who was natural was rescued from the brink of returning to addiction of "creamy Crack". It seems that this dear lady who has been natural for awhile simply had grown "tired" of her natural style. She actually went to the salon, that day, but after waiting longer than anticipated, she left in disguist. So thank God for small miracles, as she was rescued from a decision that certainly she would have regreted. It was her niece that brought her to the party that night and we were able to support her in her decision to stay natural. Hopefully, she has found a support group within this informal group. Goodnapps was there and her hair looks fantastic!! It has really grown, is thick and healthy!! As always she had a wonderful hair accessory to show us all. I even went online and ordered two for myself this week. The website for these items is: http://carmennc.blogspot.com/. Check it out for yourself and I'm certain you'll find something you'll like as well.

Our hostess Mrs. S had gifts for everyone!! She provided us with slippers that were pretty as well as functional. They were imported and each had a reflexology insole. She also had several raffles and several of us won nice prizes/products for natural hair care. Mrs. S even arranged to have a masseuse there to provide massages for those desiring the service. She was certainly the perfect hostess!

This was our 4th gathering in about 2 years. I hope that we can keep the momentum going as we offer support and encouragement to those who are natural or seeking out information on natural hair. The pictures found on this post are from the party.


Saturday, November 03, 2007

Well, I haven't posted in soooo long...I hope I remember how to do it!!! Really, life has been coming at such a fast pace that I haven't had two minutes to think, let alone write down those fleeting thoughts. I'm still lovin' my locks, maybe more than ever before. I'm really digging the length now. I can do now that the weather is turning cold up here in C-town. I must admit, I haven't done a lot of styling lately, but last night I decided to cornrow my hair for the crinkle look. Well, I was very pleased with the results as you see here. My only question is why after braiding I end up with lots of stray hairs at the ends of my locks. I know I probably shouldn't trim, but I can't rock my style with all of those strays everywhere. Anyone have any thoughts?