Lovin' it Nappy: My Sisterlocks Journey

My journey of going from relaxer, to natural to Sisterlocks. Come along with me and learn how to love that which God gave you naturally!!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Well folks, it's been 1 year since my sister locks were started. I have to say that overall I'm very pleased. I did try a new consultant and was pleasantly pleased. She thought I had a lot of locks and it took her about 5 hours to re-tighten, but the converation was great and I was fairly comfortable in the chair. It was nice to have someone else shampoo my hair as my original consultant doesn't do it routinely and I shampoo myself about every two weeks. So it was nice to put my head back in the bowl and enjoy the magic touch of my consultant. Her price was reasonable and I was pleased with the results. The picture on the left shows a braid out (no, I'm not drunk, but trying to tell my mom how to use the camera and unfortunately, this picture shows the detail of my hair the best) and on the right curls after using soft spikes overnight.