Lovin' it Nappy: My Sisterlocks Journey

My journey of going from relaxer, to natural to Sisterlocks. Come along with me and learn how to love that which God gave you naturally!!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

These are some pictures of my cousin and I during the weekend of the inauguration. My cousin has had Sl's for many years and recently had done two cuts as her locks had grown down to her waist. The picture on the top was as we were preparing to go to an "unofficial inaugural ball." We had a great time. I introduced her to soft spike curlers and the loc sock. I was surprised she hadn't heard of Soft spikes being as she is from CA. She loved them and as you can see she had a fantastic set and resulting updo. Imagine "I" was able to help her put her hair up and even do mine own. I really had fun and appreciate having the extra length to make updo's a little less taxing. At the ball I saw quite a few women with SL's and they all had such beautiful styles. Being in the Metro DC area was so refreshing. SL's are very common, yet early women has her own unique style. I'm really diggin' my locks now and find that almost everyday I get compliments from friends and strangers alike.


Saturday, October 25, 2008

Well, I haven't been on regularly, but had a few minutes and thought I'd check in and say hi. I am still considering color for my locks and will probably have it done professionally. One of the students at my campus has beautiful locks and wonderful color. I obtained the name of her colorist and will probably do this next month. I'm really loving my locks and trying to help a few other women come to grips with their own natural hair. I know we all had to come to that point on our own, but we are so often steeped in the "tradition" of having bone straight hair that we can't imagine ourselves with "kinks and all" and still looking good!! I must say I really go a day where someone doesn't comment on how they like my locks. I have been freestyling a lot lately, but I do love the look of them rolled or a braid out.

One of my colleagues just had her SL's installed about a month ago and she is rockin' them. Welcome to the family, B. This sister has made such a transformation in the last year. First of all she has accepted Christ as her personal Savior. Secondly, she has lost a lot of weight and lastly she joined the family. I have included her picture in this post. I used to think she hated the look of my hair, but apparently she was just admiring it and taking it all in as she prepared to go natural.

The other pictures are from my husbands 50th Birthday. I can't believe it. We met when he was 16!!! We've been married 28 years next month. I put my hair up in an up do for the party and was really happy with the way it came out.
Lastly, Get out and Barack the vote!!!! This man has electrified the nation like none other since JFK and I am too young to remember that. So, do whatever you must but VOTE!!


Sunday, May 18, 2008

Well, I know I have been absent for awhile. Work and family have kept me extremely busy. Both my mom and mother-in-law have had health problems. We have had a death in the family, our dear Aunt Emily, who was 93 years old and as sharp as a whip!! On the positive side, our son has graduated from his law school program at Ohio State University (see photo).

We are planning our first vacation in about 5 years. We are going to Scottsdale, AZ. I know it will be hot, but I just can't wait to get away. Our daughter will be joining us. We are planning to get full body massages, go horse back riding and just sit at the pool with a book. Oh yeah, I plan to take a nap or two in the middle of the day.

Well since this is a blog about hair, let me talk about that for a minute. I am sooooo happy with my hair. It is the hair that I used to see on others and admire. I have length, body and the right amount of fullness. I have been getting so many compliments and I am loving it!!!! I sort of want color, but my last experience was not positive. My hair became hard and brittle. I have been using a rinse, but want something with a little more pizazz. My only compliant about my hair is that several locks have lint embedded and this is discouraging. I tie my hair up about 90% of the time. I wonder if clothing, ie necklines don't also contribute. Any hints for getting the lint out? I have heard of folks talking about the use of markers to cover the lint. I did try teasing it out, but was instead interrupting the integrity of the lock. But once again, I must say, "I love my locks!!!"

Friday, February 15, 2008

My lastest updo!! My daughter once again helped me create a fabulous style. I love this look but don't usually have the patience to do it myself. I am so excited that I am coming up on my two year lock anniversary!! I am constantly getting compliments and have had so many people recently recognize that I indeed have Sister Locks. Several women have stated that they are ready for SL's and I have passed on my consultant's name. One thing I must admit though is I hate having my locks tightened. It usually takes about 5 hours for either of my two consultants to do my head. I don't know if I have an unusally big head or lots of locks. I've never bothered to count them. After about 3 hours, my butt hurts (I don't know why I have lots of padding) and my neck starts to get stiff. The process itself even hurts my scalp. I think that since I don't do a lot of manipulation of my hair on a daily basis that I have become "tender headed". I don't know exactly what it is but besides the good company and the luxury of having someone shampoo and condition my hair, I don't look forward to the process. Is this true for anyone else?

Well, I've been tagged and its been awhile so here goes:

1. I teach nursing at both the graduate and undergraduate level at Case Western Reserve University.

2. I love to work out, but this wasn't always true.

3. While I think beauty comes in all sizes, I certainly was not healthy when I was a size 22. I am only 5'2" and that was tough on my joints not to mention I was short of breath with most any activity. I lost 50 lbs about 8 years ago. I have kept most of it off, but trying to lose about 15 more lbs in the next several months.

4. I am a romantic and love weddings. I have coordinated a few and done flowers for many.

5. I have a red Turbo charged, 6 speed Audi. I didn't set out to get a red car, but it suits me well in my mid life.

6. Last but not least I am contemplating returning to school as the student to persue my doctorate degree. I am praying and seeking the Lord's guidance on this one folks.

I know I have to tag 6 others and I will do that on my next post. It is late and my hubby is snoring next to me. Good night and God bless

Thursday, November 22, 2007

I am Not My Hair...or am I?

Talkin' about a good time with my sisters!!! We had our "I am not my hair party II" this past Saturday night. There were about 12 women in attendance and a good time was had by all!! Our youngest attendee was the daughter of one of the ladies. Little Miss N is only 5 years old. We had a nice group of ladies with various styles of natural hair. One sister isn't natural but is always seeking a healthier way to care for her hair. One attendee who was natural was rescued from the brink of returning to addiction of "creamy Crack". It seems that this dear lady who has been natural for awhile simply had grown "tired" of her natural style. She actually went to the salon, that day, but after waiting longer than anticipated, she left in disguist. So thank God for small miracles, as she was rescued from a decision that certainly she would have regreted. It was her niece that brought her to the party that night and we were able to support her in her decision to stay natural. Hopefully, she has found a support group within this informal group. Goodnapps was there and her hair looks fantastic!! It has really grown, is thick and healthy!! As always she had a wonderful hair accessory to show us all. I even went online and ordered two for myself this week. The website for these items is: http://carmennc.blogspot.com/. Check it out for yourself and I'm certain you'll find something you'll like as well.

Our hostess Mrs. S had gifts for everyone!! She provided us with slippers that were pretty as well as functional. They were imported and each had a reflexology insole. She also had several raffles and several of us won nice prizes/products for natural hair care. Mrs. S even arranged to have a masseuse there to provide massages for those desiring the service. She was certainly the perfect hostess!

This was our 4th gathering in about 2 years. I hope that we can keep the momentum going as we offer support and encouragement to those who are natural or seeking out information on natural hair. The pictures found on this post are from the party.


Saturday, November 03, 2007

Well, I haven't posted in soooo long...I hope I remember how to do it!!! Really, life has been coming at such a fast pace that I haven't had two minutes to think, let alone write down those fleeting thoughts. I'm still lovin' my locks, maybe more than ever before. I'm really digging the length now. I can do now that the weather is turning cold up here in C-town. I must admit, I haven't done a lot of styling lately, but last night I decided to cornrow my hair for the crinkle look. Well, I was very pleased with the results as you see here. My only question is why after braiding I end up with lots of stray hairs at the ends of my locks. I know I probably shouldn't trim, but I can't rock my style with all of those strays everywhere. Anyone have any thoughts?

Friday, July 06, 2007

I must say, I did represent for the SL'ed ladies. I did a braid out that I curled at the tips. My daughter put it up in an updo and the rest was history. It is amazing how non-natural sista's kept asking, "What are you going to do with your hair?" It was the bomb!!! I was happy to have enough length to do the updo. My cousin was there from CA, and she has been rockin' SL's for about 6-7 years. Her hair comes down almost to her waist. Somebody out there took a picture of the two of us after the ceremony, so when I got a copy, I will post it. Her locks are fantastic!! She is an inspiration for those of us who are still at the beginning of the journey. Well, enjoy the pictures and keep the couple in your prayers.

The official wedding cake: each layer different

Grooms cake
A Red Velvet Delight!!!


"I'm a mother-in-law!!"

Well folks, It's official. My son and his long time girlfriend were married on Sunday, June 24, 2007. The wedding took place after an 18 month engagement. We thought we had so much time and before you knew it...the date was here. They had a beautiful ceremony in Huntsville, AL. at the college church on the Campus of Oakwood College (a HBCU) where they met about 6 years ago. The bride was stunning in her gown. I thought she looked like a porcelain doll, so fresh, simple and yet elegant. My son was handsome and soooo emotional. When he entered the ceremony you could tell he had been crying. When he saw her enter the church, he bit his lip and rocked side to side to try to maintain his composure, but to no avail. He wept as she walked down the aisle. As I looked at her I began to tear up as well. Her mother openly wept. She was just so beautiful and our children were truly entering a new phase in their lives. It was indeed a bittersweet moment for a parent. The couple wrote their vows and they were very touching as they declared their love for one another. When they lit the unity candle and then came over to hug each set of parents, that was another tearful time. For each parent we were able to say that we loved them both and give them encouragement as they began the journey as man and wife. My husband even teared up and had to fight back the tears as he hugged his son. In his words, "He's not my little boy anymore, he's gone...he's really a man!!" I can't wait to see the video as I think to deal with the emotion of the moment, my husband and I became distracted by the children participating in the ceremony and at times watched them rather than attend to the ceremony. I think it was a sort of defense mechanism to keep the intensity of the moment at bay. The reception was great. His wife (oh, my goodness...he has a WIFE!!!), is of Jamaican heritage so we had jerk chicken, curry chicken, Escovitch fish, beans and rice, veggies etc. Each layer of the wedding cake was a different flavor. The grooms cake (see photo) was a Polo bear, fully edible with Red Velvet cake inside and a head of molded rice crispy treats. There was also Jamaican Fruit cake. Cake and food was everywhere.